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Andy Teale

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The Champion of Champions tournament took place on Sunday 2nd of June at Spot On Cue Sports Sneinton. The format was a KO featuring 17 of the winners of NBSA competitions, all rounds were best of 5 frames.

Many thanks to Spot On for hosting and to all those who turned out to compete for the title. Thanks also to Greg Dixon who helped us trial the CueScore system, which we will be adopting going forward for all our competitions. If you didn't get chance you can check out the full results at the link in the post below.

On the day the two players in form Keith Holgate and Troy Brett contested the final. It proved to be a great match and could easily have gone to a deciding frame. Keith prevailed 3-1 with a great performance and will receive the Alan Cunningham Trophy (pictured below) at the presentation evening.

Match Report

Frame 1: 65 - 58

Keith pulled out a 20 point lead a safety heavy frame, owing to a cluster of reds forming around the black in the jaws of a bottom pocket. Troy managed to fight back on the colours, including a spectacular corner pocket double on the pink, to force a re-spotted black. Keith won the toss and put Troy in, an attempted safety left the black close to the middle pocket and Keith duly dispatched it to win the first frame.

Frame 2: 11 - 82

Troy dominating this one, scoring an early 30 break, playing a good safety when running out of position and quickly adding a visit of 36 to secure the frame.

Frame 3: 91 - 23

Keith returning the favour, dominating this frame with a visit of 42 early on, followed by solid safety and an excellent second break of 42 towards the end of the frame to take the 2-1 lead.

Frame 4: 68 - 56

Keith took the initiative in this frame to lead by about 40 points, but Troy responded well with some solid match play to eventually leave the scores poised at 48 all with the last red on. With the last 25 points on the table the game was still anyone's. Troy slotted in a great green but jawed the brown in the yellow pocket, it ran across the table toward the green pocket to leave Keith a chance at the clearance, which he took clinically. 

Well played Keith and hard luck Troy. An excellent final to watch.
Andy Teale
Nottingham Snooker Academy

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Re: Champion of Champions Final: Keith Holgate 3 - 1 Troy Brett
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Congratulations Keith. I had the pleasure of playing Keith in the first round, and as always, he took his chances and his safety was excellent.   

Big mention and thanks to Andy and Rob for running the event and providing a great spread, would be great if we could do food at more of the events.