Author Topic: Open Singles Final: Chris Winters 3 - 0 Richard Wheelhouse  (Read 93 times)

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Thanks to BCI for hosting this final on the match table and thanks to Pete Ogburn for refereeing.

Congratulations to Chris, producing a solid performance, keeping Richard frozen out for much of the match.

Frame 1: 60 - 19

Chris to break. Rich plays a good safety but left with a thin clip on a red following Chris escape misses. Chris in first scores 15 but then a massive miscue. He leaves a thin red but rich jaws it. Chris takes a red but fails to get on a colour. Chris wins the safety battle and picks off another 14 points. Rich pull off a good safety trapping Chris behind the pink, which has made its way into the baulk area, but Chris escapes. Another safety battle ends with Chris picking out a long red. Another 13 to Chris and the remaining reds awkwardly placed Chris plays a good safety and the picks up another red to lead 46 - 4 with 67 on. Rich misses a red and Chris takes another 9 to lead 55 4 with 51 on. Rich picks up 7 points and now needs a snooker. He plays a great safety to baulk cushion and Chris plays a containing shot. Rich wins the safety battle scores 8 and lays a snooker behind the black. Chris plays a good escape. Rich s safety leaves the red as a thin cut to green pocket and Chris takes it and finishes the frame off.

Frame 2: 95 - 0

Rich breaks and the reds are quite open. A safety battle follows. Rich misses a red leaving Chris in with a good chance around the pink. Chris breaks down unexpectedly on 28 but leave the white tight to the pack. Chris gets first chance at a red in the safety exchange that follows and pots a good brown in the middle pocket to get in again, this time making 39 in the end playing a good safety. Leading 67 nil with 59 on. A couple of shots later Chris picks out a good long red, colour and another long red to start a break of 28 to seal the frame.

Frame 3: 77 - 4

Chris pots a red and lays a good snooker behind green. Rich escapes leaving a possible red to middle but bridging is awkward. Chris misses and rich plays a good attacking safety opening the reds wide. Chris picks out a good escape off one cushion, dropping to a red on the black cushion. In the following safety battle rich catches a red thick Chris gets in but both pink and black are congested with reds. He makes 14 before missing a cut to corner but the white is in baulk rich pots a good long red but leaves only a tough pink from under the side cush. He attempts it to middle but misses. Chris in with the reds open he makes 22 before missing a medium range red. Rich isn’t left anything easy though and misses a tricky red. Chris plays a containing safety and rich nails him to the baulk cush. Chris replies with an excellent thin clip on a red to get back to safety and a snooker behind yellow is a bonus. Rich plays cushion first to find a good contact on a red to bring the white back up to baulk. The safety exchange is really high quality. Eventually rich catches a red thick to push another over a black pocket. Chris makes 14 and plays another good safety. Rich misses a thin edge of a red in reply and Chris has the balls replaced. Rich gets it right this time and forces a mistake from Chris but he gets a fortunate cannon to make a pot on the red tough. Rich misses but a couple of shots later gets in with a good long red. He takes yellow and gets down to the reds but jaws the next ball. Chris leads 54 4. Chris steps in to make 23 and take the match.
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