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Senior Handicap Final: Wayne Martin 2 - 3 Ben Monk
« on: April 27, 2019, 11:12:48 AM »
Played at SpotOn Cue Sports, Sneinton on Table 8

Congratulations to both players on an incredibly closely fought final that could have gone either way. Thanks to Pete Ogburn for refereeing the final and Spot On Cue Sports for hosting the match. Full match report below.

Frame 1:    60 – 31

Both players feeling their way into the match. Wayne getting the better of the early safety exchanges to build up a 19 point lead with 1 red left. Wayne rattles the last red and Ben takes red and pink to close the gap to 12 points. Wayne pots a good long green but is not nicely on the brown, he attempts to swerve into the brown to pick out a good angle for a telling safety but catches the blue. Ben gets a free ball but after potting it misses the brown. Now just 4 in it with 22 on. Wayne plays a series of solid safety shots, eventually forcing a mistake and sealing the frame with a clearance to pink.

Frame 2:   53 – 23

Similar to the previous frame the reds open early but mainly cover each other. After a safety battle many of the colours are pushed safe. Wayne leads by 22 with 4 reds left but all the reds are tight to cushions and the colours are not ideally placed. Ben holds his own in the safety exchanges but can’t get a scoring chance. Wayne picks off a red and then lays a snooker tight behind the green, Ben escapes but frees a red. Wayne has a slice of luck, in potting the red he accidentally cannons it into the brown but it still goes in. By the last red Ben is 19 behind. Wayne continues to have the better of the running, a missed long pot looks sure to leave Ben the red over the middle, but a kiss puts the blue in the way. Ben plays a containing safety, putting the white tight to the black but Wayne plays an excellent shot with the spider to pot the red. Wayne lays a snooker behind the pink and Ben escapes at the second attempt. A shot later Ben’s bad luck continues with an in off from a safety. Wayne pots the yellow to go 30 up with 25 on and plays a tricky green to the jaws of the green pocket. Ben’s safety leaves the green on and he concedes.

Frame 3: 36 – 74 (32 break, Ben)

The ball open early again, but in contrast to the previous frames the early safety exchanges leave the table fairly open. Wayne makes a 14 break early on but misses a red to middle. Ben slots in a good long ball, trying to cannon the cluster of reds open but ends up stuck on them and has to play safe. Wayne is left a tricky cut on a red into a black pocket and misses, leaving Ben his first scoring chance of the night on a relatively open table. Ben scores a solid 32, but the final red wobbles and stays in the jaws of a black pocket. It’s covered by the black though and Wayne is forced to try a tricky pot to middle which misses. Ben takes the red but doesn’t get on a colour. Wayne works his way back into the frame taking 3 of the last four reds, leaving a great angle on the black to cannon the final red out. Unfortunately, the cannon doesn’t go well but does allow him to lay a good snooker behind the black. Ben escapes the snooker and flukes the red! His first piece of luck all night but a big slice, he clears to the black to take the frame.

Frame 4: 57 – 62

Similar to the early frames the balls again open early but end up going scrappy. In the early exchanges Ben hammers in a few great long reds as shots to nothing and Wayne also pots a few good reds but cannons to get into good scoring position aren’t coming off, it’s noticeable that the rub of the green has turned. The frame is nip and tuck with excellent safety from both players, each laying some excellent snookers and both making some great escapes. With 43 left on the table the scores are 37-33. Wayne gets the last two reds with colours and drops on the final yellow with a good angle. The green is slightly off its spot and has the blue nearby making it tricky to get position on the green well, but Wayne negotiates it nicely to leave a shot at the green with the rest. This would be match ball for Wayne but it’s not easy and he misses. Ben pots the green but ends up close to the brown and has to play safe, scores now 57 - 36, the brown ends up about six inches away from the yellow pocket on the side cushion. Wayne plays a good shot to keep it safe but Ben is able to lay a snooker behnd the pink at the next visit. Wayne swerves out of it and makes contact with the brown but the white unluckily finds the green pocket. Ben clears to steal a vital frame.

Frame 5: 34 – 78 (42 break, Ben)

Both players again showing great safety early on. Ben hammering a couple of great long reds to get a few early points on the board. From another long red he lands plumb on the black with a good scoring chance, but only makes 16 missing a red but leaving nothing easy to lead 0 – 26. Wayne finds a great snooker behind the yellow ball and Ben misses 3 times, though he consistently picks a good line that leaves little on. Wayne plays another great safety and Ben’s reply leaves a red near the middle, Wayne takes it but can’t capitalize further. Wayne plays safe and Ben opts to play a deep screw back to baulk off the pack, he gets the white right but has a slice of luck when a red also finds the black pocket. Ben can only make 5 from it though. Another safety battle ensues, ending with Wayne potting a great long red then composing a key 20 break to bring the scores to 31-34 with 67 on. Ben finds another great long red and lays a tough snooker to the green. Wayne misses the escape and Ben has a red to start, he takes the remaining reds with colours, playing a god cannon to develop the last red and making a great pot to continue to clear upto the pink with a 42 break sealing the match.
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