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GCL Billiards Tuesday League Heanor CC 2 - 6 BCI B
« on: July 10, 2018, 11:52:42 PM »

Dave Mayer 28 - 59 Shaun Parkinson
Luke 51 - 63 Manfred Corbin
Dale Jones  48 - 71 Manfred
Lee Jones  68 - 29 Toby Bowley
Lee 43 - 50 Toby
Gary Wood 54 - 26 Paul wainwright
Gary 48 - 56 Paul
Dave 60 - 74 Shaun
 0 - 0


This was a lot closer then th score suggest
Shaun won the first taking blue pink and black I didn't see much of the second only seen him mop up the colors. Frame 3 was a long battle with Manfred have to give a 14 handicap which he managed to win then he starts frame 4 giving out a whopping 28 handicap but he kept his cool and plugged away to win!!
Frame 5 saw the two captains going head to head this frame lee flew out of the blocks like a rabbit and won the frame on the green but I played on for a snooker which I didn't get on to frame 6 we was both missing and having spells of fortune I potted blue pink and black to force a re-spot black a few safety shots later I potted a long black in to the yellow bag
Frame 7 I don't think Paul was at the races having not played for weeks and Gary won with balls to spare frame 8 saw Paul get his own back on the last balls

It was a great match which we enjoyed.  Good luck in the season and we will see you soon.
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