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* Team League entry information 2018/19

The format for the Monday Team League will be 6 singles frames per match.  All frames to be played with NBSA handicaps (new players will be awarded a provisional handicap).  Teams must have between 3 and 6 players (who may play either 1 or 2 frames) and matches commence at 7.30pm.  To enter the Monday League your home venue only needs one available table.
Cost to enter is £40 per team.  Entry for new teams is FREE.


The format for the Tuesday Team League will be 8 singles frames per match.  All frames to be played with NBSA handicaps (new players will be awarded a provisional handicap).  Teams must have between 4 and 8 players (who may play either 1 or 2 frames) and matches commence at 7.30pm.  To enter the Tuesday league your home venue MUST have two available tables.
Cost to enter is £40 per team.  Entry for new teams is FREE.


CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES:  23:59 Saturday 30th September

* Singles League entry information

NBSA Singles League 2018/19
Entries are now open for the new season.  Matches are to be played over 4 frames.  You will play all players in your division at your home venue and also away at their venue so a small amount of travel in the area will be needed.  Entries will be split into divisions of between 8 and 10 players.  You should have two or three fixtures per month.  Fixtures to be arranged with your opponent at a mutually convenient time and date.
To enter you need to become a NBSA member which costs £20* for the year

CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES:  23:59 Saturday 30th September

*NBSA membership also entitles you to free entry to our season long competitions (including the prestigious Nottinghamshire Amateur Championships) and a number of one day competitions.  This is an absolute bargain at £20 membership fee.

* One Day Singles Competitions

Spider Trophy  (winner, N Hussain)
Clarry Cup (winner N Hussein)
Trevor Steeples Trophy (winner Bash Maqsood)
Notts 6 Red Championships (winner JP Fountain)
Phyllis Bell Trophy
Champions Cup
Captains's Cup 

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Dan Norton
August 16, 2018, 10:52:10 AM by Dan Norton
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Andy Teale 73 - 29 Craig
Andy 17 - 53 Craig
Dan Norton 24 - 59 Daryl
Dan Norton 74 - 42 Daryl
Piotr Machon 65 - 30 Paul
Piotr 72 - 52 Paul
Freddy Mulheron 35 - 59 Selina
Freddy 50 - 58 Selina
 0 - 0


Fair result.

A pleasure. See you in the winter
August 16, 2018, 01:19:02 AM by James Robinson | Views: 178 | Comments: 8

It is with great sadness that I find my self writing this.

 I found out today that Alan unfortunately passed away a few weeks back.

Alan has been apart of nottingham snooker for many years in a playing role where he was member of Arnold Civil, Alan was on the committee for nottingham snooker and certainly in some way helped grow nottingham snooker a whole.

I always found Alan to be a true gent on and off the table.

RIP Alan you will be missed by all of nottingham snooker.
August 15, 2018, 07:25:33 PM by Robert Garratt | Views: 68 | Comments: 1

Bash Masqood 0-2 Matt Coates
Nick Bentley 0-2 Chris Needham
Cary Davies 1-1 Mick Garratt
Paul Bell 1-1 Rob Garratt


I haven’t got the sheet for the scores of the frames but a quick report
Bash having to give 35 start to matt just never really got going and matt did enough in both frames
To win comfortably 2-0

Chris and Nicks first frame Chris was behind most of the frame with Nick comfortable
But Chris managed to nick this one and in the second frame won pretty easy

Cary and Micks game just proved the handicaps are right as first frame my dad won by about 60 points
And in the second frame Cary who had to give 28 start won it really easy

Mine and Paul’s frames I just want to forget as quickly as possible I was really lucky to win the first with Paul
Missing an easy brown to leave all the remaining colours over the pockets and in the second frame Paul won this
Really easy with me not being able to get into this one

Being 6-0 up really disappointed to not win 8-0 in the end but Paul and Cary played well to win masters two vital points

Unlucky masters and thanks for Bash and Chris for helping both teams out
Toby Bowley
August 15, 2018, 02:40:00 PM by Toby Bowley
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Manfred Corbin 47 - 49 Audie
Manfred 58 - 47 Audie
Shaun Parkinson 32 - 52 John Marshall
Shaun 55 - 24 John
Paul Wainwright 37 - 63 Adam Hussain
Paul 66 - 75 Adam
Toby Bowley 49 - 74 Hassam Khan
Toby 51 - 50 Hassam
 0 - 0


A close final frame with Paul and Adam down to the pink and black it could of easily been a draw but not to be.

Snooker played in the right spirits.
August 14, 2018, 04:10:18 PM by James Robinson | Views: 48 | Comments: 0

Don Merry 63 - 46 Paul Bell
Don Merry 55 - 41 Paul Bell
Andy Wain 76 - 64 Manfred Corbin
Andy Wain 52 - 43 Manfred Corbin
Joe Major 45 - 67 James Robinson
Joe Major  62 - 69 James Robinson
 0 - 0
 0 - 0
 0 - 0


Played on all 3 tables at Mapperley.

Some real close frames mine and joes 2nd frame being a re-spot black.
Dan Norton
August 13, 2018, 07:53:55 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 107 | Comments: 3

Andy Teale beat Jason Smith in a closely fought final of this years Phyllis Bell Trophy.  Andy won the match on a deciding black ball - potting the black on the 29th attempt to take the match 3-2.  No exaggeration, honestly. :)

Andy has now qualified for the final place in this years Champion of Champions Trophy.

Congratulations Andy

Full report to follow.
Dan Norton
August 08, 2018, 12:42:37 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 157 | Comments: 6

Piotr Machon 48 - 70 Wayne Martin
Piotr Machon 29 - 76 Wayne Martin
Harvey Pabla 64 - 15 Kwok Yip
Harvey Pabla 36 - 64 Kwok Yip
Dan Norton 58 - 60 Selina Dean
Andy Teale 85 - 25 Selina Dean
 0 - 0
 0 - 0
 0 - 0


Looking at the scores, Selina nicked the win for her team by winning her black ball frame against me.  Good to meet you properly mate.

Played in the right spirit.  Well played both teams.  See you on Tuesday for a rematch. :)

ETA: Sorry for submitting the result late but I wanted the important posts to stay at the top of the page for a while.
Dan Norton
August 02, 2018, 09:58:09 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 115 | Comments: 2

NOTE:  If anyone wants an easy way to get notification of competitions and NBSA entry deadlines I have a FaceBook list I send details to.  Just friend request me and I'll add you to the list.  If you didn't get a FaceBook invitation then you are not on my list so let me know.

Phyllis Bell Trophy

Date: Sunday 12 August, 2018
Registration: Please arrive by 10:45am to register for the draw
Play starts: 11:00am
Venue: Spot On Cue Sports, Newark Street, Sneinton NG2 4PP
Telephone: 0115 939 4504
Tournament Director: Dan Norton

The NEW NBSA handicaps will be used for all matches.


£££ Cash Prize on the Day £££
(Amount depending on number of entries)

To enter just turn up on the day before 10:45am

Upcoming competitions

Phyllis Bell Trophy: Spot On Cue Sports, Sunday 12th August

Champions Cup: Spot On Cue Sports, Sunday 26th August

Captains Cup:
Spot On Cue Sports 9th September
August 01, 2018, 01:58:23 PM by James Robinson | Views: 61 | Comments: 0

For the record as I'm getting fed up of people saying the draws are a fix. The draw was done at bci last night by Pete and Carol.

There random picks of the sheets of paper with team names on saw as follows


Snooker accedamy v Spot on people
BCI c v Stapleford


spot on people v Spot on Sneinton
BCI Masters v Oakleigh Lodge

Matches to be played next week 6th and 7th.
August 01, 2018, 09:05:22 AM by Wayne Martin | Views: 119 | Comments: 2

The 2018 Champion of Champions will take place on 26th August at Spot on Sneinton.
Further details to follow on start times etc.

The format of the day will be straight knockout with an optional plate (depending on interest).
All matches will be the best of 5 frames and will use the new NBSA handicaps.
An open live draw will take place on the day.

Qualifiers so far include:
Bash Maqsood
Nav Hussain
Cary Davies
John Fountain
Wayne Martin
Ben Monk
Joe Major
Harvey Pabla
Dan Norton
Ben Cooper
Wayne Smith
Lee Essam
Mick Garrett
Shaun Parkinson
Piotr Machon

There is still one more place available, this will be decided by the upcoming Phyllis Bell one day competition (to be arranged imminently).

Can the above players please let me know if they cannot make the day, so I can find reserves.
I have a list of reserves already planned and will need to let these people know as well.

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