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Title: Singles fixture for October
Post by: Dan Norton on October 12, 2018, 08:51:01 PM
Please see October’s matches

Premier A
Chris Winter Vs John Fountain
Troy Brett Vs Tamas Vagolgvi
Ben Monk Vs Steve Whitt
Wayne Martin Vs Nav Hussain
Tamas Vagvolgvi Vs Chris Winter
Steve Whitt Vs John Fountain
Nav Hussain Vs Troy Brett
Wayne Martin Vs Ben Monk

Premier B
Dan Moll Vs Audi Miller
Andy Teale Vs Ant McMahon
Steve Richards Vs Chris Needham
Adam Hussain Vs Cary Davies
Ant McMahon Vs Dan Moll
Chris Needham Vs Audi Miller
Cary Davies Vs Andy Teale
Adam Hussain Vs Steve Richards
Shaun Parkinson Vs Andy Teale
Cary Davies Vs Shaun Parkinson

Division One
Wayne Smith Vs Manfred Corbin
Terry Thompson Vs Ben Cooper
Piotr Machon Vs Daz Clarke
Dan Norton Vs Patrick Hort
Ben Cooper 1 Vs 3 Wayne Smith 31 break wayne
Daz Clarke Vs Manfred Corbin
Patrick Hort Vs Terry Thompson
Dan Norton Vs Piotr Machon

Division Two
James Robinson Vs Nick Sharp
Robert Garratt Vs Harvey Pabla
Toby Bowley Vs Mick Garratt
David Buckley Vs Jeff Coulison
Al Shaw Vs Rob Garratt
Mick Garratt Vs James Robinson
Harvey Pabla Vs David Buckley
Jeff Coulison Vs Toby Bowley

Division Three
Cameron Carrington Vs Lee Esam
Paul Bell Vs Owen Blundell
Jon Sully Vs Dave Griffiths
Fred Mulheron Vs Selina Dean
Owen Blundell Vs Cameron Carrington
Dave Griffiths Vs Lee Esam
Selina Dean Vs Paul Bell
Fred Mulheron Vs Jon Sully

Please play all these games by the 31st of October any problems arranging
Please contact me as soon as possible on 07731364603

Format play all 4 frames
No Handicaps Used all off Scratch

Good luck to everyone