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Deadline for entries: Sun 27th Jan, 2019

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Deadline for fixtures 11.59pm Sunday, 13th January 2019 (16th December for preliminary round matches)

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January 16, 2019, 11:03:20 AM by Nav Hussain | Views: 97 | Comments: 4

Sneinton , Table 9

Typical outcome for myself .... dont know how many draws i have had ... the match also followed a tactical matchplay due to both players not wanting to lose the match. Very little risks taken and alot of safety involved.

Frame 1 . Wayne
Frame 2.  Nav
Frame 3 . At the score 1 - 1 and going into the colours wayne went in off on the green and allowed Nav to come back into the frame. After potting green, brown, blue and a very tricky pink against the rail, it was almost certian Nav was going to take the frame on the Black. Black couple of inches away from the black rail and white against it, it was not a very hard shot all, but a total miss hit allowed wayne to pot a simple black to lead 2 - 1

Frame 4: Same pattern as previous frames, but nav taking early lead by 40 points and managed to keep the lead and take that frame. Wayne pot some cracking long pots and made match very difficult with very good safety.... thats us done with 2 - 2 home and away. Good luck with rest of matches.
January 16, 2019, 10:16:51 AM by John Fountain | Views: 54 | Comments: 0

John Fountain (-14) 78 - 56 Steff Swann (21)
John Fountain (-14) 83 - 69 Steff Swann (21)
Brian Kinton (14) 50 - 16 Martin Gaunt (21)
Brian Kinton (14) 49 - 59 Martin Gaunt (21)
Pete Ogburn (14) 53 - 83 Keith Waterhouse (0)
Pete Ogburn (14) 97 - 13 Keith Waterhouse (0)
Richard Tooley (14) 29 - 44 Alan Walker (21)
Malc Belshaw (0) 57 - 81 Alan Walker (21)
 0 - 0


All Square at Arnold against the Welcome Institute last night. See you next time at your place.
Toby Bowley
January 15, 2019, 11:25:49 PM by Toby Bowley
Views: 157 | Comments: 8

NEW HANDICAP UPDATES +7 has now been added in to the scale

Dan Norton - scratch

Ashley Field - scratch (by his own request)

Toby Bowley - +7

Patrick Hort - scratch

Paul Wainwright - +14

Rob Garret - +7

Poitr Machon - +7

Harvey Pabla - +7

James Robinson - +21

Jason Ashurst - -7

Tamas Vagvolgyi - -7
Dan Norton
January 15, 2019, 02:54:31 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 60 | Comments: 0

The deadline for all second round matches is Sunday February 17th, 2019

Phil Minchin Vs Patrick Hort
Terry Thompson Vs Wayne Martin
Manfred Corbin Vs Bob Walker
Harvey Pabla Vs Dave Jobling
Chris Winter Vs James Robinson
Ben Monk Vs Wayne Smith
Dan Norton v Bye (due to player withdrawal)
Keith Holgate v Bye (due to player withdrawal)

This is a scratch competition so no handicaps. Matches best of five.
Dan Norton
January 15, 2019, 02:32:52 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 62 | Comments: 0

The deadline for all second round matches is Sunday February 17th, 2019

Chris Winter Vs John Fountain
Jay Ashurst Vs Troy Brett
Ashley Field Vs Patrick Hort
Wayne Martin Vs Dan Norton
David Jobling Vs Tamas/Manfred
Nav Hussian Vs Richard Wheelhouse
Dan Moll Vs Keith Holgate
Phil Minchin Vs Bob Walker

This is a scratch competition so no handicaps. Matches best of five.
Dan Norton
January 15, 2019, 02:21:57 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 53 | Comments: 0

The deadline for all second round matches is Sunday February 17th, 2019

Dan Norton Vs Troy Brett
Bob Walker Vs Nav Hussian
Chris Winter Vs Jay Ashurst
Mick Garratt Vs Allen Shaw
Nick Sharp Vs Richard Wheelhouse
Ben Monk Vs Phil Minchin
John Fountain Vs Keith Holgate
Wayne Martin Vs Wayne Smith

This is a scratch competition so no handicaps. Matches best of five.
Dan Norton
January 15, 2019, 02:04:05 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 31 | Comments: 0

The Junior Handicap Group Phase

The group phase of this years junior handicap will be a round robin.  All matches best of five.  The top two players will contest the final in April.  NBSA handicaps apply.

Round 1: Deadline Thursday 29th February, 2019
Paul Wainwright   v Ashley Fields   
Freddy Mulheron v Selina Dean      
Selina Dean   v Paul Wainwright      
Ashley Fields v Mick Garratt      
Mick Garratt v Selina Dean      

Round 1: Deadline Sunday March 31st, 2019
Paul Wainwright v Freddy Mulheron   
Freddy Mulheron v Mick Garratt      
Selina Dean   v Ashley Fields      
Ashley Fields v Freddy Mulheron      
Mick Garratt v Paul Wainwright

Dan Norton
January 14, 2019, 02:59:37 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 46 | Comments: 0

By WhatsApp
January 13, 2019, 10:16:54 PM by Bob Walker | Views: 40 | Comments: 0

January 13, 2019, 08:52:43 PM by David Jobling | Views: 37 | Comments: 0

Cary Davies 1-3 david jobling
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* One Day Competitions

Trevor Steeples Trophy

Date: Sunday 20th January
Registration: Please arrive by 10:45am to register for the draw
Play starts: 11:00am
Venue: Stapleford Cue Club, 148 Derby Rd, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7AY
Phone: 0115 939 4504
Tournament Director: Gaz Birks

The format will likely be groups then knock-outs. NBSA Handicaps apply.  If you do not have a handicap you will be given one on the day.

Competition Open to all NBSA members. £15 to join

Trophy for winner and entry to prestigious Champions Trophy

To enter just turn up on the day before 10:45am

Could all members please be aware that if you enter the competition you are committed to completing all of your matches/frames to the best of your ability.  If you do not do so you are in breach of the NBSA code of conduct and will be banned

Upcoming competitions
Trevor Steeples Trophy: Stapleford Cue Club, Date: Jan 20th
Nottinghamshire Six Red Championships
BCI Snooker Centre, Date: Feb 9th
Spider Trophy Spot On Cue Sports, Date: March
Phyllis Bell Trophy Spot On Cue Sports, Date: April
Alan Cunningham Champions Trophy Spot On Cue Sports, Date: April/May

Clarry Cup: Won by Nav Hussain, RU Dan Norton
Handicap Pairs: Won by Holgate/Jobling, RU Machon/Norton

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Enter a team for the 2018/19 Team Leagues & Cup Competitions. Registration fee £40.

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