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* Summer Entries

SUMMER TEAM ENTRIES (The summer leagues will run in June, July and August)

The format for the Monday Team League will be 6 singles frames per match.  All frames to be played with NBSA handicaps (new players will be awarded a provisional handicap).  Teams must have between 3 and 6 players (who may play either 1 or 2 frames) and matches commence at 7.30pm.  To enter the Monday League your home venue only needs one available table.
Cost to enter is £40 per team.  Entry for new teams is FREE.

The format for the Tuesday Team League will be 8 singles frames per match.  All frames to be played with NBSA handicaps (new players will be awarded a provisional handicap).  Teams must have between 4 and 8 players (who may play either 1 or 2 frames) and matches commence at 7.30pm.  To enter the Tuesday league your home venue MUST have two available tables.
Cost to enter is £40 per team.  Entry for new teams is FREE.


SUMMER SINGLES ENTRIES (The summer leagues will run in June, July and August)

Format to be confirmed.  Provisionally[/b]: Matches are to be played over 4 frames.  You will play all players in your division at your home venue and also away at their venue so a small amount of travel in the area will be needed.  Entries will be split into divisions of between 8 and 10 players.  You should have two or three fixtures per month.  Fixtures to be arranged with your opponent at a mutually convenient time and date.
To enter you need to be a NBSA member.  If you have paid already entered a competition over winter then entry is free.  To join just for the summer is £10


* One Day Singles Competitions

Spider Trophy  (winner, N Hussain)
Clarry Cup ((winner N Hussein))
Trevor Steeples Trophy (4th February, 2018)
Notts 6 Red Championships
Phyllis Bell Trophy
Champions Cup
Captains's Cup 

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April 07, 2018, 08:50:06 PM by Wayne Martin | Views: 81 | Comments: 1

A very close semi final between Wayne and Ben, both players could have won this one.
Wayne just doing enough in the deciding frame to get over the line.

Frame 1: Ben very quickly out of the blocks with some amazing (as usual) long potting, nothing is safe.
Ben was out of sight pretty quickly with a run of 30+.

Frame 2: Again Ben in first but uncharacteristically missing, Martin making a 30 plus to get back in the match.
Martin then putting this out of reach to even things up.

Frame 3: Martin in first this time moving into a 40 point lead. However this is never enough against Ben.
It was soon pulled back by some breathtaking potting before Ben took the frame to move within one of the final

Frame 4: Martin in first with a 40 break. Ben struck back with a 30 to sneak in front on the scores. Ben looking good for frame and match before suffering a terrible in off. Martin then cleared to force a decider.

Frame 5: Deciding frame. Martin building a commanding lead and managing to press this home to take frame and match.

A tremendous match to be involved in, neither player missing much. Ben's long game is amazing, never seen anything like it.
Unlucky mate, I'm sure we will be playing again soon. Ben is a true gent win or lose.
April 06, 2018, 10:24:12 PM by Wayne Martin | Views: 111 | Comments: 2

Quarter final score: Ben Monk has defeated Chris Winter 4-1
April 05, 2018, 09:47:41 PM by Wayne Martin | Views: 166 | Comments: 7

Cary having an off night and Wayne making the most of it to come through this quarter final match.
If Cary would have played half as well as we all know he can, this would have been a very different result.

Frame 1: Martin getting ahead early on and eventually winning the frame comfortably.

Frame 2: Martin in first following a mistake from Cary, breaks of 44 and a clearance of 39 giving Martin the second frame.

Frame 3: Cary should really have won this one, he got back into the frame, went ahead but unfortunately he couldn't convert the frame, Martin lucky to pinch this one.

Frame 4: Again Cary should have won this one. He had several really good chances following some excellent long balls to get him in, but sadly couldn't convert he frame. Martin then finished the frame off with a solid break of 60.

Unlucky Cary, I know that on any other night you would have probably won his match.
Hang in there mate, it's a cruel, frustrating game.

April 02, 2018, 10:18:21 PM by Bash Maqsood | Views: 150 | Comments: 2

To be honest I just potted what was available and made some great mini break.,....must have had about 50 break of 28 and 29 .
Couldn't quite get that extra ball to convert these to 40 , 50 breaks but that's how's it goes sometimes.
I also got the rub  and Dan didn't.
We kissed amd made up over some match arranging issues and whilst I don't know Dan too well, I'm sure he's a decent bloke at Heart.
As I say,. I just potted what was available and dont this I missed many. That's it really.
Cheers all.
Wayne Martin amd tge semis being held at neutral venue?
Many thanks.
Bash,  again.
April 01, 2018, 12:18:34 AM by James Robinson | Views: 105 | Comments: 0

Entries now being taken for the Summer team League.

I will look to start Summer league mid May Just after all the MTL fixtures are done. I realise this gives teams who only TTL a bit of break but I guess you can use it to get some practice in. That being said the quicker i get entries the sooner i can get things up and running.

March 29, 2018, 10:33:54 PM by Wayne Martin | Views: 113 | Comments: 0

Sadly Rich England has decided to withdraw from the singles league.
All of his results and fixtures will be expunged.

Hopefully Rich will be back with us soon.
Dan Norton
March 27, 2018, 02:26:38 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 122 | Comments: 0

Piotr Machon 1 - 0 Mick McMillen
Piotr Machon 0 - 1 Ant Gilman
Harvey Pabla 2 - 0 John Marshall
Dan Norton 0 - 1 Mick McMillen
Dan Norton 0 - 1 Frank Miller
Harvey 1 - 0 Ant Gilman
 0 - 0
 0 - 0
 0 - 0


Pete played well against Mick to win the first frame.

Ant Gilman looked like he was cuing well to beat Pete.

Harvey whipped John Marshall. :)

Mick (re-spotted black) and Frank both beat Dan on the black I think. (I had too much drink by the end of the Frank frame so might be wrong).

Harvey whipped Ant in the decider.

Harvey man of the match in another semi-final.  Well played team (apart from me).  I won't get drunk tonight for obvious reasons, I promise. ;)

Oooh, another final!  :o

Unlucky Spot On.  Always a pleasure

ETA:  Ant, can you let me win a frame at some point.  I don't think I've won a frame against your team this season!!!
March 23, 2018, 11:45:02 PM by Bash Maqsood | Views: 199 | Comments: 2

Hello my dears.- hope your reading this in good health

Firstly,  I really like Adam as a person. He has humanity in his heart ,  and we both lost close relatives of late and the pain is very hard to deal with.

But as players we are all competitive and want to win and Adam very much tortured me tonight unintentionally.
I basically was put through hell and back many many times over. Adam will not mind me say that he has some shocking outragous run that 10 years ago I may have rammed cue through the balls amd hit tye bottle.....thankfully ,I've moved on .
No matter wjat was happening, I stayed composed and played played tge right shot.

I won frame  1 and cleared last 2 runds and colours with 40 , odd., though I was way clear before that.

Same happened in the second amd again I cleared last red and colours with a 34 I think.

Even in these two frames I was experiencing a few nightmares with the rub, but thankfully Adam wasn't quite on it and didn't capitalise on some chances.

Then adam turned from a really nice friendly person to a Monster.....this happened in less than 5 Sconds.

At 2-0 down he basically went for everything,.... If he could see a ball,  he was going for it.
Bit like Damien thorn,  a man possessed with a spirit.

We both believe in one God but I reckon about a hundred mini god's turned on to me.....basically everything that could go wrong was,...pkaying great safety amd leaving reds on pickets, hitting the middle jaws,. Some great safety's resulting in shocking in off,....amd ads fluking balls from snookers and landing perfect on next ball....

As I say, Adam won't mind me saying this but everything went his way and I was undergoing a nightmare on elm street in the heart of sneinton.

Credit where credit is due, although adam got all the rub, he did pot some absolutely terrific shots.
He's one of the most improved players and he does hit tye ball so sweetly.  His timing is lovely. He has potentiona to be a great player. He reminds me of mark king.
Looks like him and also cues like him.

Anyway,....our lovely Adam who turned to Damien Thorn, give it the fist pump when he levelled and 2-2,
..and I honestly thought , it nit to be for me after what was happening.

In the decider I got in first with a well composed 62 break,  
..but this demon got make into the frame as I was paying tge right shots but shocking things were happening beyond my control amd next min Adam can win with all the colours.

I post brown and blue with sense of relief tgen he need s 2 snookers on pink.

Then, in the history of my snooker life,  he get one of the most luckiest snookers I have ever ever ever ever ever ever seen in my whole life,.......he bowed his head in she and whispered "sorry",.....but I just could not look at him.
It's was a tough escape and I missed pink so now he need just one snooker and I'm thinking he's gonna get it and I'm gonna lose.

I dare not evem for pink cause I'm thinking phychic forces will rattle tge pink, the pink will hit back and black will go in.
Nothing is impossible after what I had gone through.
Finally, finally finally I pot match ball pink.

Thank God for tgat, match over.

I'm not playing great at so I knew it was gonna be a fight.
Was giving 14 start and sometimes yiu just have to battle on, which I did.
Cheers Adam,. Your a top bloke.
Cheers all
Dan Norton
March 23, 2018, 01:33:25 PM by Dan Norton
Views: 156 | Comments: 1

Frame 1:  Clint snatched an early lead with a couple of mini-breaks.  Dan gradually clawing back the lead but running out of balls and missing a few sitters.  Clint takes it.

Frame 2:  Neither player wanting to lose and both making it awkward for each other.  Dan making less errors and more mini-breaks levels the match.

Frame 3:  Both players taking a few more risks and smashing in some balls off the lampshades.  In the end Dan comes out on top in a frame that could have gone either way.

Frame 4:  Dan playing much better in this frame and opening up a good lead.  Clint hanging tough though and pulls it back to needing only one snooker on the colours.  Dan eventually missed a tough pink and left a chance for the snooker which Clint gets.  Dan over-swerves it but Clint pots pink and misses the black.  Eventually Clint left with a simple black to the middle to take the match to a decider but misses. After missing a tougher black he then leaves a longish black near the corner and Dan pots it.

Hard luck Clint.  You are a tough opponent.  I think we both missed a few easy balls but yours turned out to be at key moments. I don't think I've ever seen you miss a pot as easy as that black before.  Other than that it really could have gone either way.  Strangely, I only felt like I was playing well in the last frame and I nearly lost that one.

So the dark horse makes another final.  Where will it be played Wayne?

Thanks for being a great sport, Clint.  See you soon mate.

March 21, 2018, 11:31:05 PM by Nav Hussain | Views: 205 | Comments: 3

A very tough opponent in Keith Holgate, nothing comes easy and have to work for it .

Frame 1 was very intense affair with both players playing a good safety game but I managed to make less mistakes and pot slme very good long shots. Went to colours and I managed to win that frame .

Frame 2. Keith managed to get into his stride and pot some very good balls and adjusted to table 9 very quickly. Keith won this frame .

Rest of the frames followed a similar pattern with no real breaks to mention and Keith played some excellent safety throughout the match and me on the other hand potted some very good balls to get out of trouble.

One of the toughest match player is Keith Holgate and lucky to have him in  Nottingham snooker .
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Trevor Steeples Trophy

Date: Sunday 4th February, 2018
Registration: Please arrive by 10:45am to register for the draw
Play starts: 11:00am
Venue: Stapleford Cue Club, 148 Derby Road, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 7AY
Telephone: 0115 939 4504
Tournament Director: Gaz Birks

NBSA handicaps will be used for all matches.


£££ Cash Prize on the Day £££
(Amount depending on number of entries)

To enter just turn up on the day before 10:45am

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Notts 6 Red Championships Date & Venue TBC

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