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Today at 09:47:39 AM by Wayne Martin | Views: 0 | Comments: 0

Dear players,

There are a number of key changes happening that I am sure you will have noticed.
A lot of these were discussed at the AGM and agreed would make improve the NBSA leagues and ability to track player handicaps.

Toby Bowley and the handicap committee have been putting together a completely new set of handicaps (not an easy thing to do) for all players so that we can be more accurate with changes and they be based upon performance.

A new part of the Dashboard will be added to align all players with teams so that we can then have the analytics behind player performance and enable the handicap committee to make changes based upon data and not having to guess when a player needs to be moved up or down. James has currently posted a request for all captains to provide a list of their players so that I can get all of this uploaded and the new dashboard live. Please provide this information as soon as you can, ideally I would like to have all this operational by the winter season and test it right now during summer.

I have no doubt there will be challenges on handicaps, especially as we have introduced negative handicaps, please bear with us whilst we get all of these right, it will take time. We want the leagues/competitions and team games to be as equal as possible.

I expect that serial winners during the course of the year will get their handicaps lowered, just like in golf.
Please keep an eye on the handicaps for any changes.

Hopefully you can see that we are changing things to make them more visible online and even easier to use.
You can enter any result on the dashboard as well as see all fixtures for all leagues and comps.

Please feel free to let me know your comments, its your league.
Please let James have the team and player information as soon as possible.

Today at 09:26:42 AM by Wayne Martin | Views: 0 | Comments: 0

A good match against BCI Masters on a very hot evening.

I didn't catch all the games as I was upstairs but from what I saw Manfred was in great
form, potting them from everywhere on table 6 against Selena.

James Robinson's luck was still on holiday (sorry James, I heard about last week) and he
lost to 80's superstar Daz Clarke (Great to see Daz playing again).

Paul Bell and myself had a great battle, both of us going for our shots, luckily I managed to fall over the line
during both frames.

Frame scores from the night:

Selena Dean 49 v 67 Manfred Corbin
Selena Dean 43 v 73 Manfred Corbin
Daz Clarke 44 v 11 James Robinson
Daz Clarke 53 v 43 James Robinson
Wayne Martin 103 v 60 Paul Bell
Wayne Martin 83 v 52 Paul Bell
Today at 12:26:36 AM by James Robinson | Views: 2 | Comments: 0

Start with the easiest

BCI MASTERS - James Robinson Paul Bell Manfred Corbin Troy Brett Nick Bentley Cary Davis

BCI ELITES - Wayne i think you can fill the blanks for this LOL

BCI C - Shaun Parkinson Chris Clark Steve Capsey s Steve capsey J

BCI B - Toby you can fill theese blanks

BCI Magic -  Ashley Bettinson Ashley Field Terry Thompson Alan Shaw Paul Wainwright (bci sub plays for all the teams) Martin Boultby

SPOT ON SNEINTON - Ant Gilman Sean Coxon Minds gone blank cant remember the rest of the team

SNOOKER ACADEMY - Dan over to you to fill the blanks

SPOT ON PEOPLE - Zeb Ahmed Audi John Marshall Adam Husain

SPOT ON REDS - Rob over to you

STAPLEFORD - Gaz over to you

MAPPERLEY - Andy Carnell Don Merry Geoff Merry Andy Wain Joe Major

OAKLEIGH - Ryan over to you

HEANOR - Lee Jones Dave Mayer Gaz Woods Luke Vickers Dale Jones

If ive missed any other names off then please feel to add them

July 13, 2018, 12:31:54 AM by James Robinson | Views: 22 | Comments: 0

Audie 81 - 64 Geoff
Audie 85 - 61 Geoff
Zeb 17 - 81 Don
Zeb 48 - 60 Don
John 54 - 47 Andy
John 78 - 58 Andy
Adam 1 - 0 Andy
Adam 0 - 1 Andy
 0 - 0


July 13, 2018, 12:26:26 AM by James Robinson | Views: 20 | Comments: 0

Joe Reynolds 60 - 45 Cary Davis
Joe Reynolds 55 - 62 Cary Davis
Selina 56 - 33 Paul Bell
Selina 68 - 45 Paul Bell
Kwok Yip 45 - 81 Nick Bentley
Kwok Yip 76 - 42 Nick Bentley
Pete Trout 64 - 31 James Robinson
Pete Trout 81 - 45 James Robinson
 0 - 0


July 11, 2018, 07:37:10 AM by Harvey Pabla | Views: 23 | Comments: 0

Harvey 42 - 55 Sid
Harvey 49 - 58 Sid
Pete 21 - 61 Mick
Pete 59 - 30 Mick
Dan 60 - 40 Ant
Dan 52 - 24 Ant
Rob Garrett 69 - 27 Sean
Rob 38 - 71 Sean
 0 - 0


A fair result on the night.

Thanks to Spot on Sneinton who agreed to bring forward the match.

Thanks also to Rob for filling in as we were a player short on the night.
Toby Bowley
July 10, 2018, 11:52:42 PM by Toby Bowley
Views: 23 | Comments: 0

Dave Mayer 28 - 59 Shaun Parkinson
Luke 51 - 63 Manfred Corbin
Dale Jones  48 - 71 Manfred
Lee Jones  68 - 29 Toby Bowley
Lee 43 - 50 Toby
Gary Wood 54 - 26 Paul wainwright
Gary 48 - 56 Paul
Dave 60 - 74 Shaun
 0 - 0


This was a lot closer then th score suggest
Shaun won the first taking blue pink and black I didn't see much of the second only seen him mop up the colors. Frame 3 was a long battle with Manfred have to give a 14 handicap which he managed to win then he starts frame 4 giving out a whopping 28 handicap but he kept his cool and plugged away to win!!
Frame 5 saw the two captains going head to head this frame lee flew out of the blocks like a rabbit and won the frame on the green but I played on for a snooker which I didn't get on to frame 6 we was both missing and having spells of fortune I potted blue pink and black to force a re-spot black a few safety shots later I potted a long black in to the yellow bag
Frame 7 I don't think Paul was at the races having not played for weeks and Gary won with balls to spare frame 8 saw Paul get his own back on the last balls

It was a great match which we enjoyed.  Good luck in the season and we will see you soon.
July 06, 2018, 12:37:19 AM by James Robinson | Views: 30 | Comments: 0

Gedling institute regrettably have pulled out of the MTL.

All there results will now be void and this will now mean all teams that are still to play them will now get a night off that game week.

As for cup this will also mean some lucky team will now get a walkover to the next round when the draw is done.
Toby Bowley
July 04, 2018, 11:26:49 PM by Toby Bowley
Views: 131 | Comments: 0


These new handicaps only apply to Monday and Tuesday team leagues and will be put in place for the singles league in due course for now use your old handicap for the singles league only. Any team not using the correct handicaps will forfeit their frames. These handicaps come into effect from next week Monday 09/07/18

We as a committee decided change was needed!

We came up with a Tier system from 1 to 7 and using minus handicaps at the top end of our Game from -21 going to a capped +28 with 3 special dispensations of +35

Please see the list.

Hopefully now making the whole system a little fairer and competitive for all. With each Tier consisting of players of a similar standard with a good spread over the middle handicaps -7 to +28 staying pretty much as was.

Slightly helping the lower to mid handicap players encouraging more free  flowing snooker. And in the future easier monitoring of players ability.

We will be sending out a full Tier list to each team Captain in the near future.

This Hopefully going forward with the league's support we can run tournaments and singles leagues in the tiers allowing everyone the chance to enter and win an event geared especially for there Tier, Also tournaments consisting of group's of tiers at the lower end of the handicap system Tiers 4-7 these events would still count towards season ending tournament's i.e Champion of Champions. These events if players like the idea? We can look at starting in the Winter season.

Starting with the best players we have.

Tier 1. -21

Tier 2 -14

Tier 3 -7

Tier 4 Scratch

Tier 5 +14

Tier 6 +21

Tier 7 +28

Special dispensations +35

Jimmy Whitehead, Selina Dean and Owen Blundell


Tier 1. -21

Bash Maqsood   -21
Nav Hussain   -21
Scott Higgins   -21
Troy Brett   -21

Tier 2 -14

Adam Clift   -14
Andy Diacopoulos   -14
Barry Stark   -14
Ben Monk   -14
Chris Winter   -14
Clint I'Anson   -14
Dave Bolton   -14
David Jobling   -14
Gavin Shirley   -14
Guy Dennis   -14
Hanzla Zahid   -14
James Moore   -14
Jed Eaton   -14
Jimmy Gratton   -14
Joe Reynolds   -14
John Fountain   -14
Jonathan Hartley   -14
Keith Holgate   -14
Rich England   -14
Sean Hopkin   -14
Thomas Goldstein   -14
Wayne Martin   -14

Tier 3 -7

Andrew Wain   -7
Ant McMahon   -7
Cary Davies   -7
Matt Walters   -7
Nick Bentley   -7
Sean Coxon   -7
Tony Morgan   -7
Zeb Ahmed   -7

Tier 4 Scratch

Adam Corbett   0
Adam Hussain   0
Andrew Gratton   0
Audi   0
Ben Cooper   0
Chris Needham   0
Chris Hackett   0
Dan Moll   0
Daniel Blunn   0
Dave Mayer   0
James Notman   0
Jamie Mathers   0
Jason Ashurst   0
Jason Turner   0
Joe Major   0
John Marshall   0
Jonathan Mason   0
Keith O'Neal   0
Kwok Yip   0
Lee Crombie   0
Malc Belshaw   0
Manfred Corbin   0
Manny Sant   0
Matt Coates   0
Mike Lee   0
Paul Griffin   0
Phil Minchin   0
Steve Butler   0
Steve Howard   0
Steve Whitt   0
Tamas Vagvolgyi   0
Vinnie Dennis   0

Tier 5 +14

Andy Carnell   14
Andy Teale   14
Ant Moore   14
Ashley Bettinson   14
Asif Hajiani   14
Bob Walker   14
Chris Clark   14
Christopher Rigby   14
Clint Broome   14
Craig Greensmith   14
Craig McMorran   14
Dan Norton   14
Daniel Di Folco   14
David Casey   14
Don Merry   14
Garry Birks   14
Harvey Pabla   14
James Robinson   14
Jeff Kerins   14
Joe Trout   14
John Forbes   14
Lee Jones   14
Luke Vicker   14
Matt Savage   14
Mick Walker   14
Mike Langdon   14
Neil Elliott   14
Nick Kirkman   14
Nirm Singh   14
Paul Bradley   14
Piotr Machon   14
Rick Worrall   14
Rob Garratt   14
Ryan Cooper   14
Sean Croft   14
Shaun Parkinson   14
Steve Richards   14
Toby Bowley   14
Wayne Bilbie   14
Wayne Smith   14

Tier 6 +21

Al Shaw   21
Ant Gilman   21
Ashley Field   21
Bo Murtagh   21
Chris Burrows   21
Dan Rhodes   21
Daniel John  21
Dave Buckley   21
Dave Milner   21
Fred Mulheron   21
Gary Villiers   21
Glenn Price   21
Harry Farrell   21
Jason Smith   21
John Cyrek   21
Julian Howard   21
Lee Esam   21
Michael Singh   21
Mick Garratt   21
Mick Salmon   21
Paul Bell (BCI)   21
Paul Bell (Masters)   21
Paul Wainwright   21
Rob Lord   21
Steve Burrows   21
Steve Capsey (junior)   21
Steve Capsey (senior)   21
Steve Coleman   21

Tier 7 +28

Adam Goodall   28
Alan Cunningham   28
Andy Stevens   28
Ateek   28
Barrie Towle   28
Chris Tofts   28
Dale Jones   28
Daniel Adams   28                                                                       
Dave Griffiths   28
Dave Pearce   28
David Bessit   28
Dean Randall   28
Dennis Dyer   28
Doug Bough   28
Eric Towle   28
Gary Wood   28
Geoff Merry   28
James Norton   28
Jim Wright   28
Jon Sully   28
Junaid Yaseen   28
Kirk Wesselby   28
Les Smith   28
Liam Healey   28
Luke Wharton   28
Mark Ion-Savage   28
Martin Bladon   28
Martin Marriott   28
Matthew Roe   28
Mike Mazilauskas   28
Mitchell Johnson   28
Rob Wallace   28
Robert West   28
Ross Wilkin   28
Stephen Lally   28
Terry Sutcliffe   28
Tim Kirk   28
Tony Elliott   28
Nick Sharp   28
Oliver Simpson   28

Special dispensations +35

Jimmy Whitehead, Selina Dean and Owen Blundell                                                      

July 04, 2018, 07:20:45 AM by Andy Carnell | Views: 128 | Comments: 6

Donny Merry  25 - 60 Auldi
Donny Merry 56 - 26 Auldi
Joe Major 33 - 77 Zeb
Joe Major 67 - 79 Zeb
Andy Carnell  57 - 35 Adam Hussian
Andy Carnell  33 - 61 Adam Hussian
Geoff Merry 42 - 57 John Marshall
Geoff Merry  56 - 57 John Marshall
 0 - 0


A close match with a very strong Spot on People team Winning on the night,Zeb having a brilliant 32 clearance to win his second frame against Joe and John taking all but 1 colours at the end of his second frame to win the one on the Black..well played Spot on ..see you next week
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Nottinghamshire 6 Red Championships

Date: Sunday 13 May, 2018
Registration: Please arrive by 10:45am to register for the draw
Play starts: 11:00am
Venue: Spot On Cue Sports, Newark Street, Sneinton NG2 4PP
Telephone: 0115 939 4504
Tournament Director: Rob Garratt
NBSA handicaps will NOT be used for all matches.


£££ Cash Prize on the Day £££
(Amount depending on number of entries)

To enter just turn up on the day before 10:45am

Upcoming competitions

Phyllis Bell Trophy: Date & Venue TBC
Champions Cup: Date & Venue TBC
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