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Today at 09:05:36 AM by Wayne Martin | Views: 1 | Comments: 1

BCI Elites continued their great run in the Tuesday night league with another heavy win.
However, the scoreline doesn't tell the whole story as lots of the frames were pretty close, most down to the final balls.

Highlights from the match included Joe Reynolds superb 62 break against Paul Bell. Joe had a brilliant 75 break at Stapleford Cue Club on Monday and is in great form at the moment. Paul Bell played really well as well, potting some great balls to pinch the first frame off Joe.
Paul has improved lots recently, his long game is excellent.
Wayne had a well taken 39 break in the first frame of his game with James.

Ben Monk 62 v 58 Cary Davies
Ben Monk 70 v 30 Cary Davies
Joe Reynolds 64 v 75 Paul Bell
Joe Reynolds 99 v 37 Paul Bell
Wayne Martin 80 v 33 James Robinson
Wayne Martin 76 v 65 James Robinson
Ben Cooper 8 v 69 Shaun Parkinson
Ben Cooper 70 v 42 Shaun Parkinson

Special mention to Ben Cooper, he finished his game before me last night, to be fair to Ben he hadn't had 9 pints of lager this week, unlike last week :-)
Well done Ben, its tough playing matches when you are changing your game, stick at it mate, it will come.

Unlucky BCI C, some really close games, James was so close in his frame with me and Cary ran Ben Monk close as well.
Good luck for the rest of the season.

August 13, 2019, 11:45:12 PM by Wayne Martin | Views: 15 | Comments: 0

A good quality cup semi final with Elites coming out on top and some amazing exhibition shots by John "Legend" Marshall (enough said).

A brace of 30 breaks enough for Wayne in his victory over John. Mr Marshall then treating us all to a pair of 4 cushion snooker escapes that potted both balls, truly amazing stuff!!!

Ben Monk rapid as ever in winning the first frame against Frank in about 5 mins. Frank pulling one back in the next.

Mr consistent Joe Reynolds played a solid match against The dangerous Shift, making a few 30's on the way.

Finally Daz Clarke drawing against the deadly Mick, losing out in the first before storming back to take the second frame.

Unlucky Spot On, always a pleasure and plenty of banter between the teams.

Wayne Martin 62 v 29 John Marshall
Wayne Martin 73 v 29 John Marshall
Ben Monk 84 v 62 Frank Miller
Ben Monk 38 v 88 Frank Miller
Joe Reynolds 81 v 68 Shift
Joe Reynolds 94 v 64 Shift
Daz Clarke 30 v 50 Mick McMillen
Daz Clarke 63 v 39 Mick McMillen
August 13, 2019, 11:34:59 PM by Wayne Martin | Views: 22 | Comments: 0

Table topping The Venue continue their impressive Summer season with a solid win over BCI Elites.
Some really close frames and a long, long, long battle on the night that finished after my bedtime 😂. More of that later.

Good wins for Geoff and Don Merry in their respective matches against Daz Clarke and Ben "having my money's worth" Cooper. Wayne Martinvthe only BCI winner on the night after a really tough battle with Joe Major.

Daz Clarke 60 v 67 Geoff Merry
Daz Clarke 66 v 94 Geoff Merry
Wayne Martin 66 v 52 Joe Major
Wayne Martin 62 v 59 Joe Major

Last but not least and getting a special mention
Ben "Thorburn" Cooper 32 v 42 Don Merry
Ben Cooper 23 v 48 Don Merry

These two frames taking over two hours to complete, both well fought by both players not wanting to give an inch. The last frame with 2 reds left was 18 v 19 points each 😂

The table came to £22 and I had to clean the tables and wash the beer glasses to pay Pete 😂

All jokes aside, a great battle and well done to The Venue on their victory.
August 07, 2019, 10:53:13 PM by Wayne Martin | Views: 40 | Comments: 1

BCI Elites put in another solid performance to defeat the dangerous Mapperley CC.
Solid performances by Ben Monk and Barry Stark gave BCI a solid 4 nil lead.
Daz Clarke shared the spoils with Don Merry, amassing over 40 points in fouls between them in the first frame.
Last but note least Wayne Martin has a great match against Andy Wain. Andy not missing a ball during the first frame and Wayne Martin doing the same in their second frame.

Barry Stark 72 v 63 Geoff Merry
Barry Stark 92 v 56 Geoff Merry
Wayne Martin 32 v 65 Andy Wain
Wayne Martin 79 v 15 Andy Wain
Ben Monk 91 v 41 Andy Carnell
Ben Monk 98 v 52 Andy Carnell
Daz Clarke 46 v 77 Don Merry
Daz Clarke 80 v 41 Don Merry

Daz Clarke has the highest break of the night with a great 35
July 29, 2019, 10:03:18 PM by Wayne Martin | Views: 54 | Comments: 0

A tight result between these two teams tonight.

Wayne Martin getting BCI off to a great start with a convincing win against Legendary John Marshall, breaks of 31 and 44 doing the damage.

Joe Reynolds had a tight one against Sid, the match finishing in a draw.

Daz Clarke had a really difficult task against Curt, who is a really solid player. The first frame went down to the wire before an errant safety shot from Daz left Curt to mop up the last 3 colours to take frame 1. Curt then punished Daz in the second frame with a solid victory, making honours even on the night.

Wayne Martin 67 v 39 John Marshall
Wayne Martin 85 v 26 John Marshall
Joe Reynolds 44 v 76 Sid
Joe Reynolds 66 v 56 Sid
Daz Clarke 49 v 64 Curt
Daz Clarke 29 v 70 Curt

A really enjoyable match against the Snenton boys, always good to catch up with them and always a good battle.
Good luck with the rest of your games.

July 24, 2019, 10:33:01 AM by Wayne Martin | Views: 79 | Comments: 1

BCI Elites continued their great start on a muggy and warm Tuesday night with another heavy victory.
However, the scoreline did not really reflect how close a lot of the games were.
There were two re-spotted blacks on the night, with each side winning both of these.

Joe had a close match with Mick, Joe winning on a respot in one frame.
Ben winning two close frames against Piotr.
Wayne drawing with Adam, the second frame being close with Wayne 35 behind before making a 44 break. This eventually went to a respot and Wayne miscued to hand the frame to Adam (As Joe put it so well "Silly boy" - thanks mate LOL).
Daz playing solidly against Rob and Nirm in his two frames.

I'll put the actual scores on later:
Ben Monk 2 v 0 Piotr Machon
Wayne Martin 1 v 1 Adam Hussain
Joe Reynolds 2 v 0 Mick Garrett
Daz Clarke 2 v 0 (Rob Garrett/Nirm Singh)

Highest breaks on the night: Wayne Martin 44/33

Just for you Bob :-) - Don't want you having nothing to read!!! LOL
July 23, 2019, 10:36:49 AM by Wayne Martin | Views: 75 | Comments: 1

BCI C enjoyed a solid win against BCI Elites, some great individual
performances doing the damage on the night.
All three of the BCI C players taking frames from their opponents, Steve
Capsey Snr playing particularly well against Ben Cooper.

Joe Reynolds 67 v 18 Shaun Parkinson
Joe Reynolds 41 v 57 Shaun Parkinson
Wayne Martin 72 v 76 Steve Capsey Jnr
Wayne Martin 82 v 49 Steve Capsey Jnr
Ben Cooper 45 v 70 Steve Capsey Snr
Ben Cooper 21 v 70 Steve Capsey Snr

Well done to BCI C, a well deserved win.
July 12, 2019, 10:26:57 AM by Wayne Martin | Views: 75 | Comments: 0

This could easily have been the other way around, Audie playing really well.
Audie kindly chose to play at my house and wasn't daunted by the table at all.
In fact he made one of the best 50 clearances I have ever seen, this tied the frame and took us to a respot.
The only other break was a 43 clearance from Wayne in the first frame.

Unlucky Audie, you played really well, some brilliant potting.
Good luck in your other matches.
July 03, 2019, 08:41:44 AM by Wayne Martin | Views: 104 | Comments: 0

Always a great match up when these two sides come together and this one didn't disappoint again.
Some really good close frames that could have gone either way, a draw being the right score on the night.

Neil Elliott 53 v 39 Keith O'Neill
Neil Elliott 17 v 79 Ben Monk
Daz Clarke 52 v 60 Ben Monk
Daz Clarke 70 v 44 Gaz Birks
Wayne Martin 14 v 58 Phil Minchin
Wayne Martin 71 v 18 Phil Minchin

Look forward to the return game at Stapleford.

June 25, 2019, 11:25:56 PM by Wayne Martin | Views: 179 | Comments: 1

A solid win for the Elites against the former People's Hall team.
Always a pleasure to see John Marshall and Zeb Ahmed, legends in Nottingham Snooker.

Some good player from the BCI team tonight, particularly Ben Monk who made a brilliant 84 clearance in his second frame against Zeb.
A solid win for Joe Reynolds against Manfred Corbin.
Manfred looked to be potting everything in the first frame before Joe came back.
Barry Stark did well to get a frame off Adam Hussain, who was pitting them for fun before letting Barry in to clear from the brown during the first frame. Adam had his revenge in the second frame.
Wayne again showed good signs of form in his match with John, making a 43 clearance in the first frame.

Barry Stark 57 v 49 Adam Hussain
Barry Stark 43 v 77 Adam Hussain
Joe Reynolds 69 v 50 Manfred Corbin
Joe Reynolds 74 v 53 Manfred Corbin
Wayne Martin 114 v 26 John Marshall
Wayne Martin 78 v 42 John Marshall
Ben Monk 73 v 43 Zeb Ahmed
Ben Monk 107 v 8 Zeb Ahmed

Thanks for the game Spot On, look forward to the return at yours.

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